“Love Dr. Hurst! Excellent chiropractor – not aggressive, thorough, and careful. Insisted on X-rays before injury treatment. Instructs on proper core work, stretching and warm ups for athletes. Totally trust Dr. Hurst.”
-Erin M.

“I always feel amazing after a Hurst chiropractic appointment! Dr Hurst always straightens me out”
-Beth E.

“My healing path began here”
-Krista K.

“Amazing! I went to Dr. Hurst two weeks ago after my yoga teacher recommended him to me after hearing me complain about my back and hip hurting. she said that not only is he a good chiropractor but a very kind amazing human being.

She was so right. He’s obviously not looking to make money but to help his patients the best he can. I have been to chiropractors before and they try to sell you packages etc… He spend 45 minutes with me today because I needed the extra help and he did not charge me any extra. He takes insurance but since mine wouldn’t cover him, he charged me a more than fair fee.

Most important is that he diagnosed the root of my problem. He didn’t just start cracking things. He said that my right foot is shorter than my left and that is causing my ankle to over pronate and my right hip was off because of it.

Excuse my lack of professionalism when I try to explain what he did during today’s visit. He put some cooling gel on my back and manipulated my spine or what felt to me like a massage. He did crack my back in a few places. He placed wedges under my hips and while I was laying there he was manipulating my feet, which again felt like a nice massage.

He also massaged my hip and then showed me some new exercises. He explained a lot to me about how my hip is connected to the IT band and that is tight and I need to do certain exercises.
To some it all up, I felt so much better when I left his office and am so excited about being able to correct my problem.”
-Sylviane C.

“Doc, my back feels 10 times better than it did yesterday, I still have little pain back there but nothing like yesterday morning. Plus, my ankle pain is pretty much gone. After 14 yrs of seeing you, your hands are still great. See you sooner than later.”
– Anonymous